1. Cuthbert's Avatar
    Your new Bold 9900 looks wonderful. Thank you for responding to consumer petitions such as this one, which requested an updated Bold 9000 in its original size instead of the shrunk down versions of recent years. The touch screen is an added bonus.

    Request to Blackberry to launch a larger sized Bold - PetitionBuzz

    May we respectfully request that your design team never again falls for the smaller is better mantra that appeared to have delayed the release of this new full sized Bold thus eroding your market share.
    05-02-11 11:30 PM
  2. mustangv8's Avatar
    Happy to see it today, but rimm has left the majority of their customers lacking items not currently in production.

    I love the bb and I just want a better one. The design team did step up, but not in a timwly manner.
    I am actually thinking about a droid again.

    Please some info on the monaco. Plus they didn't give a good enough release details.

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    05-03-11 01:08 AM