09-29-11 11:34 AM
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    Are u serious, its not even close to being up to date with specs. Most of the phones these days have dual cores with a gig of ram, front facing camera with autofocus (not edof), 2000-3000mh batteries etc etc. So why should we as Blackberry users expect anything less.

    I was showing my colleages at work my new 9900 and they laughed saying people still get Blackberries. RIM is gonna be out of business in the next year if not less.

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    Do you buy your phones to impresss people or to serve your needs ? If your BB serves your purposes tell those co-workers to go th **** RIM isn't going anywhere.
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    09-29-11 09:21 AM
  2. badger906's Avatar
    My battery life is amazing! And I'm still on the launch release os from voda UK. Took my phone off charge at 7am this morning and I still have 83% remaining. By the time I get home at about 10-11pm it will still be at about 55-60%. No complaints here at all!

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    09-29-11 10:46 AM
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    This is the best BB in a loooooong time and with the improvements in performance some battery life was sacrificed and well worth it.
    09-29-11 11:27 AM
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    Apple is an innovator of this time. Just like rim was back when.
    PMSL you serious??...really are you??? Apple are hardly innovators...they are a great bunch of thieves though....they just love ripping off other companies ideas and regurgitating as its their own and adding in that its the best thing since sliced bread etc etc.

    Innovators my hairy arse dude..
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    09-29-11 11:34 AM
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