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    I've been a very faithful blackberry user for a long time...I loved the original Bold, but it didn't hold up and I went to the original Torch. I did not like that phone at all...and was excited about the new Bold 9900 that I received about a week ago. I must say, I'm disappointed - I've downloaded the current software, I've gotten it to how I thought it should work, but there are just a few things that bother me and I can't get over. I might come back because I do appreciate the format, size and style, but I'm going to check out the Android phones.

    If other companies can make great products that work, I don't understand how and why RIM with such a simple format can stay this far behind the, pardon the pun, curve in terms of features, size, and so on. The keyboard is great, but a couple of things about the touch screen are a bit bothersome:

    1. The "manage connections" feature comes up too readily and I find myself inadvertently shutting down features I want to have operating...instead of being part of the touch screen, there should be another step involved to get there. I know, I know...use the screen lock and that won't happen, but it doesn't always work that way...

    2. The screen is tiny...I tried the Torch thinking there would be an advantage, but the screen on the Torch was quirky and didn't work for me. The screen on the 9900 is nice, but really small and reading becomes a strain (no fault of RIM...). There's got to be a way to make the keyboard work with a good screen, good camera, etc.
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