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    I used to scoff at he "wobbly" or "squeaky" trackpad posts, or the loose key posts, etc. I always figured it was just folks with an OCD issue or something, but no more. So forgive me for thinking you were all nuts .

    3 weeks ago I picked up a new 9900. Work supplied this time. Went to our dealer and asked him to unbox 5 for me. This isnt a problem as he does corporate exclusivley and unbox's them all to set them up for the veeps that dont know how. Just wanted to mention I wasnt screwing anyone by opening box's.

    All 5 had issues of one sort or another.

    The trackpad on one flopped around like a fish out of water, another had more light coming out between the keys than the screen almost, and the worst one had some keys that would not pop back up.

    The one I chose is going back Monday. If you dont press the trackpad PERFECTLY STRAIGHT down, it thinks you are pressing it to the left (or right) and performs THAT operation instead of what you wanted. The back/home button is the same. Half the time it opens some unrelated function instead of going back. Call quality is medicore at best, even with full bars and the H+ scam the carriers are running now (Telus if it matters).

    My last 2 BB's were a 9700, and an 8830WE. The 8830WE was built like a tank and the 9700 wasnt too far behind (still have them both) but man, this 9900 feels a little cheap to be honest.

    I have to stick with this dealer because he's our supplier. Plus I have unlimited everything, except data which is a 6GB month plan, so i dont want to go to the hassle of getting another phone in my name, setting up plan, submitting invoice every month, etc.

    I'm not a BB hater btw, I've gotten a dozen of them integrated at work, and am pushing for a BES lic to run on one of my servers, then possibly do the whole company. I have one iPhone user, but I try not to make his life too difficult (heh heh).

    I guess our guy just got a bad lot of phones. I know the crowd here can be very forthright on shortcomings and I havent seen TOO much complaing yet on the 9900/9930 line, but Im just a little dissapointed in build quality I suppose.
    09-25-11 03:20 PM
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    try and get a made in hungary 9900 not made in mexico
    the made in mexico have problems more than the hungarian counterpart
    09-25-11 03:24 PM
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    I've posted this in a few threads, I have a 9930 from Verizon and it's a Canada 1. Am I the only one who got one from Canada? It's been flawless after 3 weeks and I love it.

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    09-25-11 04:56 PM
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    I am sending back #3 from Verizon made in Canada. First one (all were made in Canada) had the piece above the bezel so raised, you could see into it. Second one wouldn't connect data - verizon said it was defective. Third one has a defective screen and another hugely raised piece above bottome bezel. My husband's is from Mexico from Verizon-perfect. Everything about his is perfect. At least I am patient and am sending back on Monday and will see what the next one is like. It is worth weeding out the bad ones for me.
    09-25-11 05:05 PM
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    I have three 9900's, all unbranded/unlocked, all made in Canada (grins) and all are very solid. No issues with any of them.
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    09-25-11 05:11 PM
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    Fancy selling 1 lol

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    09-25-11 05:21 PM
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    Money talks.

    Fancy selling 1 lol

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    09-25-11 05:25 PM
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    I have seen three 9900 so far and all of them had more or less some "flaws".
    Mostly the transition from the keyboard to the screen or the bezel is uneven... but nothing serious.

    I also cant blame the manufactory for that kind of shortcomeings, if someone deserves a little spanking it might be the one who came up with the build plan for the phone ...not sure.
    If u think of a iphone which feel like more like one piece... the Bold is not and i dont think you should compare them in that way.The iphone is a rectangular box with one button... the bold has 40 buttons and a trackpad, the transition from the keypad to screen and bezel, also the Bold use diffrent materials as the rubber like plastic on the back.
    That all is a source for possible mistakes in the build.

    In exchange you get a great keyboard and a real design.

    Im not talking about real defects ... but some people on this forum really nitpicking on small things.
    09-25-11 05:31 PM
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    Money talks.

    Well I live in UK would this work

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    09-25-11 05:37 PM
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    Yeah, this ones a Mexican one. Damn.

    Well, np really, I"ll just do batt-pulls on Monday and see if i can find a different country of manufacture.
    09-25-11 06:36 PM
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    Mine was made in Mexico and eveything is a-ok. Lucky? Maybe. But I still think some people here can be way too anal about some things.

    Posted from my Mexican 9930 at wapforums.crackberry.com "Odelay, homes!!!!!"
    09-25-11 06:38 PM
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    Sorry to hear of some of the issues you guys are experiencing. I have a Mexico build and its flawless. And after the SIX Mexico Torch 9800's I went through I did check out my 9900 very carefully.

    In comparison my wife has a launch day 9800, Mexico build and a year later she has had zero issues, either hardware or software. I think it comes down to luck of the draw more than where the thing is put together really.
    09-25-11 07:00 PM
  13. albee 1's Avatar
    I really think the physical defects had more to do with the first off the line. QC has tightened up since then. I have a Mexico 5 9930 and It has no physical and no hardware defects. Heck even the battery is lasting longer than most from what I have read.

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    09-25-11 07:47 PM
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    i had 2 iphones in 10 months go bad...ear piece jack static unless i banged it and another screen. mine and wifes 9930 mexico perfect so far ...

    All manufactures have issues..i luv apple 1 year warranty thought..beats rim.

    Cant wait to see i phone 5...
    09-25-11 07:55 PM
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    My tour had the paint come off the keys-no biggie. My 9650 had a crooked trackpad-no biggie. If I could have applied my phantomskin with the raised plastic and not worry about stuff getting in it on my 9930, I would have kept it. Second one-just wouldn't work. Third-bad screen that wasn't touch responsive. I drool over my husband's-as it works flawlessly. His came from the verizon store; mine has to come from RIM's warehouse in WI. I figure I never had to return one before, so I am not upset with verizon or RIM or anyone. I love this phone!
    09-25-11 08:20 PM