1. zarzamora_connoisseur's Avatar
    Well after only having my 9900 for 18hrs it bricked itself... I didn't notice the quick battery drain the some have experienced. I had managed to install/upgrade several applications on the phone and experienced the 102 JVM error and continous reboot loop after attempting to install snapscreen!

    After several attempts at re-installing the OS via the apploader.exe and BBSAK app the process was never completed due to the software not being able to communicate with the phone. Using the DM, it would recognize the port connection for small instances but to no avail. I finally had success by connecting the phone to my PC without a battery installed and then installing the battery after the software would attempt to LOAD the Java files.

    My question is, can anyone tell me what .cod files i would need to restore on my phone to be able to restore only my previous phones WiFi settings and my RSS feeds?

    Thank you in advance....
    12-20-11 11:40 PM