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    I am aware of the lack of autofocus on the 9900, however, when I searched the forums, all I could find were issues concerning close up pictures.

    Yesterday, I was required to take outside pictures, in daylight, of work that had been done on some commercial signage. To get the full shot, I had to stand about 50 feet from the subject. I tried all the possible settings (landscape, beach ect), however, every picture looke like it was filtered through a Mason Jar. Extremely out of focus, as if I were looking at the object with 100/100 vision, or the lens was covered with 5mil plastic.

    Is there some setting that I'm missing? Is there an App that could help?

    Close up face pictures are fine.....I can take pictures of my arm and count individual hairs....however, the mid-range shot is a disaster.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
    10-22-11 06:32 AM
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    Is the camera lens dirty?

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    10-22-11 09:30 AM