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    I'm in a dilemma.. I dropped my bb9930 about 1 week ago and instantly noticed some black dots on the screen which eventually day by day turned into black horizontal lines.. is there such thing as replacing the screen or should i go ahead and file a claim with assurion, i heard so many bad things about the phones that they send. I really don't want to replace my phone. any ideas any1?
    Thnx in advance
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    I'd go the replacement route if it's under warranty. If you change the screen yourself you void the warranty so if next month you drop it again and it's damaged you will be forced to fix it yourself or buy a new phone. In addition, if you are unsuccessful at changing the screen the phone could become totally unusable and you won't be able to then file a claim.
    01-01-12 06:56 PM
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    i was wondering the same thing. i dropped mine earlier this week and the top part is missing what's left is cracked all the way throughout. so how do i go about finding if i have the warranty before i go with assurion?
    01-01-12 07:24 PM
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    You can get the parts from www.cnn.cn to replace on your phone.

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