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    Using my dad's old work phone, which is a Blackberry Bold 9900. I went to the AT&T store yesterday and they switched my service over to Blackberry. I would like to put my e-mail on the phone, but the "Enterprise Activation" thing comes up. I have tried to wipe the phone to factory settings, I used CrackUtil (I followed step-by-step of how to do both, multiple times, based off of posts in this forum) and neither worked. I'm not afraid of losing any apps or contacts as I have no data on the phone - I just want to get the stupid Enterprise thing off of it! Does anyone know what to do? Thanks!
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    01-30-13 10:57 PM
  2. arthropod88's Avatar
    You need to call AT&T and make sure they have the proper BIS service on the phone... Usually, when you do not have the correct BlackBerry plan, you will only get the Blackberry Enterprise Activation...
    01-30-13 11:11 PM
  3. AshDeezy's Avatar
    Did you wipe the IT policy with crackutil?

    Gmail can set up as enterprise activation and that's ok... can you be a bit more specific about what's happening? Is it happening as soon as you go to email setup?
    01-30-13 11:41 PM
  4. stucker25's Avatar
    I also just did a security wipe on my 9900(bought unlocked in Thailand) to give to my father and when he put in the Bell sim the only option for setting up email is through enterprise activation. Any suggestions to set up a sympatico email account for him?
    03-08-13 02:54 PM
  5. robsteve's Avatar
    If you have the BlackBerry desktop software on a Windows PC, you can use the resettofactory command when starting loader. I am on a Mac just now, so can't check, but from a dos prompt in the folder where loader.exe is, type loader.exe /resettofactory or something similar. The help for loader will list the command and syntax.
    03-08-13 03:21 PM
  6. stucker25's Avatar
    Thanks but I'm on a mac as well.
    03-08-13 03:25 PM
  7. robsteve's Avatar
    You are going to need Windows either running on a PC or a Virtual Machine on a Mac to fix it.
    03-08-13 06:29 PM
  8. stucker25's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll see if I can find a PC that I can put the BB Desktop Manager on.
    03-09-13 01:24 AM
  9. mobileguru#IM's Avatar
    I also just got a 9900 from a user, and it pops up with Enterprise Activation, but I just want to setup regular email. Did you guys figure out how to deactivate?
    10-08-13 01:17 AM
  10. arthropod88's Avatar
    Call your carrier and make sure you have a BIS plan. Reboot the device after they correct the settings...

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    10-08-13 01:28 AM
  11. arthropod88's Avatar
    You may also want to do a security wipe as well...

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    10-08-13 01:29 AM
  12. mobileguru#IM's Avatar
    So this is obvious, but a mistake I made.. you may just need to add BIS through your carrier. This is what I had to do with T-Mo.
    10-08-13 02:30 AM
  13. ioan_calin's Avatar
    Have the same problem. I got a BB 9900, brand new, unlocked. When I put my simcard in it, trying to set it up for my BIS account, after I put in my BB ID, it said "enterprise activation" when I tried to set up my personal email accounts. Wipe did not help, restore to factory settings did not help. The thing is when I check in Device, it says "IT Policy: Disabled". Otherwise, it works as a phone, even BBM works on it, but no email accounts. I cannot use BB Protect, I cannot browse the web through 3G (since the traffic is through Orange's BIS), just through Wi-Fi. Any help would be appreciated. All the best!
    11-20-14 04:26 AM
  14. xanadome's Avatar
    When I bought a Bold 9900 off Kijiji, it had an IT policy, which I was not aware of. And I was on a Mac.
    After much struggling, I found the following procedure on the net that perfectly.
    While this involves the Terminal manipulation which is usally scary, this particular process was no sweat.

    Close the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, if it is open.
    On the Mac computer, open Terminal.
    Type cd /Applications/BlackBerry\ Desktop\ Software.app/Contents/MacOS/ and press ENTER.
    Type ./bbdm resettofactory
    Note: If the smartphone has a password, type the following command replacing <password> with the password for the smartphone.

    ./bbdm -password <password> resettofactory
    11-20-14 06:45 AM
  15. ioan_calin's Avatar
    Thanks very much. However, I don't have a Mac, but a Windows PC. How do I do it on Windows? Or is it a lost case (the 9900, I mean)?
    11-20-14 11:36 AM
  16. fkornre's Avatar
    Here's how to remove IT policy from your device.

    11-20-14 04:02 PM
  17. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Thanks very much. However, I don't have a Mac, but a Windows PC. How do I do it on Windows? Or is it a lost case (the 9900, I mean)?
    KB18998-How to reset the BlackBerry smartphone to factory defaults

    From BlackBerry directly.
    11-20-14 04:46 PM

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