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    Hi everyone.

    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and whether its a reason to return or exchange...

    The part where the touchscreen meets the capacitative buttons on my 9900 is a little bit raised. Enough so that browsing is a little annoying with the trackball. Is this normal? Or is it a defect?

    Also near the bottem of the phone where the carrier puts on their label, mine is Rogers and it is a bit raised as well... Quite unconfortable to brush up against... Almost sharp.

    Any help or feedback would be great!! Thanks for time Crackberry community!

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    01-18-12 10:17 PM
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    All of those features on my phone are flush. I would believe that this is a manufacturer defect and if it is causing you issues with using the phone then I would assume that you should be able to exchange/return it.
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    01-19-12 06:33 AM
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    get a replacement...
    it's not normal...
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    01-19-12 06:35 AM
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    The trackpad/buttons against the screen being a bit off is fairly common. Most 9900s I've come across have some level of unevenness. If yours is really off and annoying, exchange it.

    The carrier band at bottom should be flush. All examples I've come across had flush bands at bottom.
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    01-19-12 07:39 AM
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    My 9930 is flush but was sharp in the same place. I scraped mine (the pastic) gently with a razor blade until smooth.

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    01-19-12 07:47 AM
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    Okay thanks for all the help!

    It's going back... Hopefully will have another one by today... !
    01-19-12 08:51 AM