1. nickcoffer's Avatar
    Good afternoon everyone,

    As I have posted before, I am working hard to resolve my low battery issues and have done literally everything which has been suggested.

    That said, a lot of the suggestions relate to saving power when the phone is not being used.

    Looking at meterberry today, 20-25 minutes of a call can drain my battery by 7-9%. That gives a total talk time of barely 3.5 hours.

    I can live with my phone eating 2-4% when not being actively "used" but surely this level of battery drain is unacceptable during calls. And because it happens during calls, it doesn't matter what else you do for power management (turn off wifi etc etc), it will still drain like this during calls...

    Any thoughts? I think this almost makes the phone unfit for purpose...

    Oh and I am running 0.440 with a new replacement battery too...

    Thanks a lot

    10-31-11 11:04 AM