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    Hi there my learned friends of Berryness.
    Just a quick and simple question.
    At the moment I have on my pc the latest blackberry desktop manager for windows.
    I had upto a few months ago used it to sync my then blackberry.
    I then went to the iOS dark side and have been using iTunes to sync with outlook as per normal.
    The only thing I remember was then when I did the initial sync from outlook to the iPhone it wanted to do a small micro change of some data field for it to sync with iTunes and the iPhone so I accepted and yes o all. All is working fine.

    I am just waiting for my supple to get my a 9900 this week and am coming back with a hungry thirst for blackberry supa vitamins......
    Now my question is I have from a before a blackberry ID and and know that when I activate my new 9900 it will ask me to log into blackberry ID, which will allow me to access my apps etc. BUT will this also take on board my email settings from before? I am sure when you activate the ID does it do the email settings or does it ask me for the password for my blackberry email account and it will have remembered my emails settings etc.?
    I just want it to be a seamless and as smooth as possible.
    And when I do a first time sync with outlook will it suck all the date from outlook or is it best to go to DM settings and do a back up to begin?
    Thanks in advance.
    01-03-12 03:19 PM