1. Doobis's Avatar
    I got a new Bold 9900 a few weeks ago, and the callers are all telling me their voices are repeating, and I sound like I am "under water". I changed the phone for the 3rd time now, and also changed the sim cards, and I still get the same thing. My network said it might be their issue, they cancelled my line and recreated a new account, but nothing has changed. I love the phone but don't know what to do. Another tech said maybe my data is corrupt and wants to isolate the phone without the data, but I don't believe that the data could be causing this. Any ideas from anyone out there? It is really driving me and everyone who talks to me crazy!! Thanks for your help.
    09-21-11 11:23 PM
  2. BryantCarpio's Avatar
    Had the same issue with my wifes 9900 but not mine. After a couple of days i realized that the only thing different between our 9900's was that her's had a gel skin. I had her take it off and call me back. No issues since.
    09-22-11 12:14 AM
  3. genoforce's Avatar
    are you using the cover with the rubber surrounding and a plastic (clear) back piece?
    I was offered that cover from TMobile and i had the same problem, hopefully that's the case for you.

    If you are, then it's very simple: the case was made faulty!
    1 - remove your case
    2 - find where your mic is (bottom right)
    3 - mark that area on the care
    4 - cut out a little piece of the rubber so the mic isn't covered.

    I was told the same thing for the first 3 days until i realized my problem.
    Hope that helps!
    09-22-11 12:36 AM