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    Just wondering what's this all about? My friend has it installed on her phone. Does it monitor ALL your activities on your phone, and sends it to an email? Like getting hacked? Is that even possible?

    Also, how do you remove this? She said it can't be disabled or deleted.

    12-10-11 11:41 PM
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    i believe its testing/data collection software that comes preinstalled on early prototype blackberry devices for engineering purposes. it is used for preproduction testing and bug reporting. did she get this device from a carrier or from a person? i assume its unbranded?

    you can probably remove it by deleting all the quincy related cod files in the phone by using BBSAK. or just have her update the OS to a newer one that doesnt include quincy and see if it carries over. probably wont.
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    12-10-11 11:52 PM
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    Yea, that's what she told me, it's like sending logs of her activities to an email. Yes, a friend gave it to her.

    Updating her OS would be easier than to delete all the Quincy related COD? Will it be removed then?
    12-11-11 12:02 AM
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    what OS is she running. its usually found on early OS's for new devices. i would imagine she would be able to update it and hopefully it wont be included. if it is, then use BBSAK to remove all of the quincy cod files. there should only be a few. according to a website i found, they include the following but there could be more or less depending on the OS.

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    12-11-11 12:51 AM
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    im not sure how to remove it but yes (as said above) this is what RIM used for testing pre-production phones.
    12-11-11 12:51 AM
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    I don't know what OS she is running. But as you guys have said, it's probably some early OS's. Thanks for the help.
    12-11-11 09:59 AM