1. Elenafox's Avatar
    I've seen a couple good deals for people selling 9900/9930 on Ebay stating that the phone says "Invalid SIM" when you insert a sim card. Is this just a question of the phone being locked to carrier which could easily be fixed or is it indicative of a more serious error? If it's some hardware error I assume that could also be fixed (such as getting a new SIM tray) which would still probably be a better deal than buying a perfect one.

    Do these phones sound risky to buy? The sellers are US based and seem to have good feedback selling similar items. Thanks!
    10-31-11 04:40 PM
  2. Joe.S's Avatar
    It would appear your BlackBerry is locked to a certain carrier.

    Boot it up without a SIM in it and goto;

    Options > Advanced Options > SIM and type M E P D

    It will show Network: Active if it is sim locked.
    10-31-11 05:50 PM
  3. staticburn's Avatar
    It also means that the BB is hard locked and has exhausted the MEP (0) counter to zero.
    11-02-11 03:16 PM