1. Xterra2's Avatar
    Ok so the 99xx has 8GB of internal memory so assuming i put my pictures, videos,ringtones and pictures in the internal 8GB memory and i decided to wipe my OS and install a newer OS , does it delete my pictures,videos e.t.c or does it remain intact

    For users that have changed OS frequently, does your data in your internal 8GB get deleted after an OS change ?

    I hope someone answers me correctly this time, i once asked this question no one answered me,

    P.S if you dont know or havent tried, just make a backup and reload your OS then see what happens then report back here
    09-27-11 06:57 PM
  2. bryanus's Avatar
    Doesn't seem to wipe it out for me. I'm STF right now trying to figure out how to wipe the internal memory so I can safely pass this 9900 on
    01-09-12 05:37 PM