1. PoJoTheCrooked's Avatar
    Hey, whattup everyone?
    Just wonderin, has anyone noticed the proximity sensor (the one next to the LED cracklight) kind of flashing in a faint red color while making calls? I noticed it on my friend's 9900 earlier today, but haven't actually looked at my own while making calls
    Anyway, just wondering if it might be a hardware malfunction, or if everything's as it should be.
    03-04-12 04:07 PM
  2. SaMaster14's Avatar
    No, it's normal. This has been brought up quite a few times before. Not sure exactly why it flashes, and I personally can barely see it on mine unless I play close attention. Plus, it only flashes when the sensor is active. I'm assuming its like a feedback tool that tells the device when something gets close to the sensor during a call and when the phone is away from the users face.

    Everything should be fine, not a hardware malfunction.
    03-04-12 04:52 PM