1. andyJH's Avatar
    I am using DM 7 and while updating my 9900 to it has hung at "connecting to device (This might take up to 30 minutes)" for well over 30 minutes. The phone itself is fully functional but does not have the icons displayed in favourites properly. Should I give up, disconnect and see what I have?
    03-10-12 03:34 PM
  2. andyJH's Avatar
    I am going to pull the plug. I think I will do a complete wipe with bbsak and install the OS restore my contacts from the backup I did before beginning this and install apps individually from myworld.
    03-10-12 03:43 PM
  3. oldtimeBBaddict's Avatar
    Let us know the outcome. I am considering loading this OS.
    03-10-12 04:19 PM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    Depending on how much you had on it, it can take a long time.
    03-10-12 04:26 PM
  5. Phill_UK's Avatar
    If your phone is on, then the update process has finished and it's safe to unplug.

    At worse, the restoration of your data and settings might not have completed, but this can easily be done manually.
    03-10-12 04:57 PM
  6. andyJH's Avatar
    Well, this worked out ok after all. I lost about an hour and a half of my day, but it is raining outside any way.

    After the dodgy OS upgrade using DM stalled, I finally pulled the plug. I backed up my apps and wiped with BBSAK. Had a moment of worry when BBSAK claimed that it could find no OS to install. Then I just used the loader.exe method and it went quickly and smoothly.

    Restored my contacts and a few settings through the DM restore function from the back up I did before starting all this.

    Now I am just going to reinstall the few apps that I actually need and use.

    A fresh install. I intended to do this the last two OS upgrades but was too lazy. It was forced on me today and I am actually happy that this happened.
    03-10-12 05:14 PM