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    Hi all,

    So I'm having some weird things happen with my notification screen.

    Say I get a Whatsapp message, I go to the notification screen, and open it. After I respond/read the Whatsapp message, and close whatsapp to come back to the notification screen, that message is still there, even though I just read it. It doesn't go away until I close the notification screen and re-open. The same thing happens with ScoreMobile alerts, sms, and emails. Doesn't seem to happen with bbm, gchat, windows live etc. When I have it password locked, sometimes after I enter my password to unlock, the notification screen is blank (doesn't show three messages and three calendar entries) until I close it and open it again.

    Anyone else have these things happen?

    Thanks guys.

    By the way, I'm on Rogers in Canada, using
    03-11-12 06:11 PM