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    About 50 of the 1200 songs didn't transfer with any properties, just the track number and song name. So they aren't categorized by artist, album or genre. Looking at several of these in explorer shows all properties included. Does anyone have experience with this?

    10-20-11 04:07 PM
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    DRM protected files will not transfer.
    10-20-11 04:35 PM
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    Its not a DRM issue. They transfer and can be played, but the information attached to it isn't transferring. In the screenshot, all titles but the last one are part of the problem. The last one, 18 and Life by Skid Row did transfer properly. Of the 50 files in question, they all show with a number prefix from 01 to 13.

    Edit - figured out what the bad files have in common. They all show Encoded by iTunes No idea what that means, but it seems to only affect 3 different albums, and they all suck anyhow. I wonder why that causes the glitch though where the album and artist information isn't transferring on a simple drag and drop.
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    10-20-11 04:44 PM