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    I am wondering if there is any possibility of a price cut on the new Bold? I know it wouldn't be tomorrow, but does anyone have any ideas when RIM cuts the prices for the SIM Free phones? At present, the Bold 9900 on Amazon UK is 464. Of course it won't be like that forever! How long before it reaches the sub 400-mark in people's opinion?

    09-14-11 03:43 PM
  2. DannyJK's Avatar
    I dont really notice Blackberry's drop price where I live unless the new models come out. Then they drop a bit.

    I mean look at this page, look for the Blackberry 8350i....

    Telus Mobility

    Look at the ridiculous price Telus wants for this phone. $599.99 on no term and $229.99 on a 3 year term... Who the **** would pay for that?

    Granted it is a Mike phone and its not a good representation of what Telus sells their other Blackberry's for.... but come on... That phone is ancient!

    Anyway I guess what im trying to get at is its all up to the carrier!
    09-14-11 04:09 PM
  3. Snafufubar's Avatar
    We don't know, were not working for RIM. It will drop eventually though - that's the only answer any of us can give.
    09-15-11 08:14 AM
  4. nyc_rock's Avatar
    I guarantee that in a month or so you will see a price drop*.

    *not a guarantee.
    09-15-11 08:59 AM
  5. Fnord's Avatar
    You will eventually see a price drop, but that will be the carrier subsidised price. I don't think the full retail will likely drop much in the near future - since RIM doesn't sell devices direct there is no reason for it.
    09-15-11 09:28 AM
  6. BBThemes's Avatar
    my crystal ball says..........error 404, future not found
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    09-15-11 11:15 AM
  7. JayInNJ's Avatar
    Don't know how it works in the UK, but on Verizon here the Storm 2 is still full price on contract ($199). But they do tend to run specials at some point like buy 1 get 1 free, of course only on contract.
    09-15-11 01:16 PM
  8. DannyAves's Avatar
    If you looked on Craigslist a few weeks ago the price was $650 and up, today I see them for $450 so it is just supply and demand. I believe the in-store price will drop when the next "big phone" is introduced, perhaps after the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S 2 demand might fall.
    09-15-11 02:28 PM
  9. dadymon's Avatar
    Just be patient, you will be able to get refurbished bolds, at with least ATT. Also places like walmart carrie bb phones at a lower price than the carriers do (new).
    09-15-11 03:32 PM
  10. newtothisthing's Avatar
    I was hoping to hold out for a price circa 400 but I don't know how long I can wait!

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    09-15-11 03:35 PM