11-17-11 02:47 PM
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  1. HankHowdy's Avatar
    Not one single problem since first week of Sept and have had .254, .362 and .374 installed. Phone is made is Mexico 5.

    Great device.

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    11-09-11 11:11 AM
  2. salexs11's Avatar

    have any of you ever brought the battery level down to to point where the radio or the device itself shuts off?
    11-09-11 11:22 AM
  3. galleon's Avatar

    have any of you ever brought the battery level down to to point where the radio or the device itself shuts off?
    Sure have. Its shut off but didn't have to reboot the OS. It goes a long time in the red for me before that happens. That was so annoying with the older OS how you had to wait until the bat was at 15% before you could turn your radio back on! Very thankful they fixed that one.
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    11-09-11 11:31 AM
  4. Jake Storm's Avatar
    I have never bricked any of my BBs.
    But I did brick my wife's iPhone when I tried installing iOS5. She was not happy
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    11-09-11 11:33 AM
  5. slpayton01's Avatar
    Never had an issue! Had it since day 7, No brick! I love my phone! Rogers unlocked:Carrier: at&t
    11-09-11 11:45 AM
  6. cbreze's Avatar
    To the OP, thanks for starting a positive thread. Nice to see so many enjoying their berries without issues.
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    11-09-11 11:50 AM
  7. FBA's Avatar
    Well my 9900 hasnt bricked on me yet...fingers crossed it doesnt but doesnt look good that plenty of people here are suffering from bricked devices.

    Although about a mth ago i did have my 9900 give me an app 200 error but re-loading the OS brought it back to life thankfully...wikitude caused the phone to give me that error but since then its been fine.

    No issues with updating to all the latest and leaked OS's.

    So if yours hasnt bricked yet then post here

    Disclaimer: I bet mine bricks any day now lol....
    You just jinxed yourself by posting this.
    11-09-11 01:36 PM
  8. jrcdpm's Avatar
    Had 9930 on Verizon since release. No bricks and have run hybrids as I am currently running a hybrid over a 374 base.
    11-09-11 01:49 PM
  9. DannyAves's Avatar
    No problems here - T-Mobile .250
    11-09-11 01:53 PM
  10. Fnord's Avatar
    Been using a Rogers 9900 since -1 from launch on just about ever OS that's come out.

    I've had one JVM error, but otherwise no issues.
    11-09-11 02:02 PM
  11. Kat0908's Avatar
    Now this thread has me really wanting a 9900 again! Darn you crackberry. As soon as AT&T of Best Buy puts the 9900 on sale I'm getting one. Hopefully by then any and all issues are resolved!
    11-09-11 02:41 PM
  12. DrJay1's Avatar
    Absolutely no problems with my 9930. I've run all sorts of hybrids, leaks, etc. with no issues. Currently on .374
    11-09-11 03:05 PM
  13. petaf's Avatar
    No problems here - T-Mobile .250
    I'm on Tmo also, no problems yet. (.250)
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    11-09-11 03:38 PM
  14. wase13's Avatar
    I live in Spain. It just came out with Vodafone but i got it 2 months ago in a phone shop, it's second hand 9900 which had barely no use.
    I live with fear that it bricks cos' my carrier wouldnt do anything, I would have to hope that the 1 year warranty on that shop works ok...
    I have 474 now. And it was Bundle 1465.
    11-09-11 04:21 PM
  15. RushNFour's Avatar
    Had my 9930 for a little over 2 months, with several OS upgrades and I've only had one little burp. Last week a BBM message shut my phone down and it took me about two mins to get it to do anything. After the reboot it's been fine. I still have no complaints

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    11-09-11 04:22 PM
  16. papped's Avatar
    Two 9930s from different carriers, multiple OS versions, no issues.

    Also my first 9930 was a midnight VZ launch order, so you can't get much earlier than that...
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    11-09-11 04:33 PM
  17. Eli_B's Avatar
    I've had my 9900 for just under 2 months. I've done several OS upgrades since I've received it, and thank G-D it has been serving me very well, with no bricking issues whatsoever
    11-09-11 04:47 PM
  18. bbmme's Avatar
    I'm all good here eh=)
    11-09-11 04:49 PM
  19. jrocke0w0's Avatar
    No brick here! Nothing but berrybliss

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    11-09-11 05:03 PM
  20. Mikey_T's Avatar
    3 months so far so good. A huge improvement over my 9800.
    11-09-11 05:23 PM
  21. lke1's Avatar
    My blackberry bold 9900 has not bricked so far.

    I have with the bold 9900 over 5 hours because my first one was bricked and they give me a new one today some hours before.
    11-09-11 05:33 PM
  22. whyamisoepic's Avatar
    No bricks here either. But really scared it might fingers crossed!
    11-09-11 05:34 PM
  23. emirozmen's Avatar
    Never bricked. Had it since mid-august. 4 successfull updates
    11-09-11 05:37 PM
  24. igotberryfever's Avatar
    no problem AT ALL
    11-09-11 07:26 PM
  25. tedzone's Avatar
    I've used 4 different 9900 units since launch date. About 15 of my staff members are also using one. One person had a touch screen problem that was solved with an OS update. Nothing else to report. btw-- anyone know if there's anything official on the subject of bricking?

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    11-09-11 07:40 PM
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