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    Hi, im a big fan of Starcraft 2, and sometimes i miss some good games because im not able to watch streams. i don't know if this is possible, maybe i need a special app.
    i dont know the "format"? of the streams, here are some examples of ones i watch:
    MLG Pro Circuit: Live

    also, pretty much everyone from Team Liquid - StarCraft 2 and Brood War Pro Gaming News (on the right side under the calendar )

    11-20-11 10:44 AM
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    I am very interested on the live streaming capabilities of the 9900, if someone could please shed some light on the issue. Specifically for the purpose of streaming sports feeds pirated online....errr...I mean, completely legitimate personal feeds of various sports related activities.

    Some questions:
    -How does Bell Mobility Live Tv display live streams? Html5?
    -Does anyone know of a live streaming software or plug in that can be adapted to BB? ie. Sopcast, Veetle, etc
    -Most PC streams use flash, is there a type of stream that readily adapts to BB? If so, example stream?
    -Can android apps be used on BB mobile devices, or just playbook?

    I feel as though there is a way I could have watched the Liverpool v Chelsea match this morning on my BB 9900 but I just haven't done any research to find out how.

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    11-20-11 01:08 PM