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    I remember a long time ago when the Compaq IPAQ H3630 was a popular PocketPC device but the battery was short live so some people actually created their own portable charger using 4 AA batteries.

    So now, is it possible to create your own Blackberry charger with 4 AA batteries?

    I assume each battery will be 1.2v (rechargable) and if you put in serial, it will be 4.8v (close to USB 5v).

    Anyone done this before?

    - Charles
    10-04-11 11:22 AM
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    From what I've read the updated OSs don't allow any charger other than the stock one. I guess if you can match the 5V and 700mAh it would work.
    10-04-11 11:59 AM
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    I have a DigiPower Power Plus 2 in 1 charger (Model #EBP-TM21) which worked great with my Bold 9000, but doesn't have enough current to charge my Bold 9930. The battery in this puts out 500ma, but I believe a minimum of 750ma is needed to charge the Bold 99x0s. I'm still looking for a replacement.

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    10-04-11 01:14 PM
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    I've picked up a few external batteries from Monoprice that work great. I have the mini-usb models and just use a micro adapter with my 9900 and playbook, works great. Super cheap too as you can get a 2900mah pack for under $15, they put out 800mAh so there's no issues with providing enough current.

    Back Up External Battery and Charger
    10-04-11 01:24 PM
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    My project of making my own portable battery charger seems to be more possible but I dont know how to calculate the output current of these 4 batteries.

    Just to share, USB maximum current output is 500ma and I always charge my phone through my USB port. This means that as long the current doesn't drop too low (below 500ma), I should be safe. But if I put 4x 1.2v rechargable batteries 2450mAh, in a series, resulting output would be 4.8v 2450mA isnt it? That seems very high isn't it (at least theoratically)

    - Charles
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    10-04-11 11:34 PM
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    You don't need to worry about going over the mAh rating, the charging circuits in the phone will limit it to a safe level, you should be more worried about voltage being as close to 5v as possible or else the battery won't get a full charge.

    Additionally the batteries do have a specified discharge rate, which is the maximum mAh that can be drawn from the battery at once, the 2450mah is the batteries total capacity.
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    10-05-11 12:50 AM
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    Great then. I guess I dont expect this portable charger to charge my phone to 100% but at least some kind of charge level when I am desperate

    - Charles
    10-05-11 02:00 AM