1. pvpjohn's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    Anyone here using PocketMac for Blackberry? I used Missing Sync for awhile, but when I got my 9800 last year (left my Bold 9000 for a touchscreen?), I used BB Desktop Manager. Now that I've upgraded to Bold 9900, I went to use Missing Sync but it hasn't been upgraded for a 9900 yet according to Markspace. So next thought is PocketMac, looks good, just want to find any 9900 users for feedback before I plunk down $29 bucks. Thanks!
    12-04-11 07:41 AM
  2. pvpjohn's Avatar
    Wow, all these views and nobody has any experience using PocketMac with 9900? How about using PocketMac with any Blackberry, lol
    12-04-11 06:11 PM
  3. JBoen's Avatar
    Seriously, i think BBDM is good enough. Unless you have to waste $29.97.

    What do you really need to sync from mac to BB btw?
    12-05-11 03:00 AM