1. junon's Avatar
    ok just got my 9900 yesterday from tmobile and everything has worked fine up till about 30 mins ago. I came home from work and plug my phone in to charge and the phone just resets on me..... then im like maybe its just a bug and didnt think much of it. I do it again i take a phone call while the phone is on the charger and it does it again.... so now i notice everytime i plug it in it resets on me. And now when it booted back up my trackpad wasnt working and i couldnt navigate anywhere as well as the touch screen was not working.

    Anyone else see this issue happen. i just did a battery pull for a few mins then put it back in. Im in the process of testing it again.. Looks like I may have to take it back to the store and get it exchanged.
    09-25-11 05:00 PM