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    Can Someone...Please HELP ME!! Could some kind person pls tell me how to fix my problem with my Bold 9900? I have a blackberry bold 9900 which worked fine, up until I plugged my car charger into it, which then Shut it down!!! It will now Only work if its plugged in & is charging constantly!!! This is either into 2 the wall charger or my car charger, but as soon as I pull the charger out, it shuts down instantly as if I'd pulled the battery out? I have bought a new battery & it still shuts down? I think it must be a loose connection somewhere with it, as it did stay on for me last week & worked for a few hours, before it just Turned Off AGAIN!!! When it turns off it won't turn back on again if the chargers still plugged into it? So I have to unplug the charger & then do a battery pull, which will turn the phone on again, but it will ONLY Stay ON, if its plugged in & is charging? If ANYONE knows how to solve this problem for me, could they please reply? I love my BB phone & the 12 month warranty has just run out on it!! It is my only lifeline & my main source of device for searching the web! So if someone could PLS help me find a solution, then I would be Extremely Grateful to you! Many Thanks...Nikki xxx
    01-07-13 02:40 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Could be the car charger damaged something in the phone or both batteries. Since a battery works briefly and occasionaly, there's a good chance it's also an issue with the contact pins inside. Do they all stick up evenly when the battery is out, and look clean?

    You may want to try one of these:

    HDE Universal Mobile Cell Phone Battery Charger:Amazon:Electronics

    I purchased one somewhere else a couple years ago. Very handy when you have more than one battery.
    01-07-13 07:38 AM
  3. nicola darcy's Avatar
    Hi, Big Bad Wulf! Thank u SO much for replying to my question! As for the pins? Yes I've had a look at them & they are all clean & stand up straight & evenly! U may be right about the car charger & the batteries, So I will buy another battery & see if it will work? I'm willing to try Anything,as I'm lost without my BB & its a contract phone,so I can't even get rid of it yet!! I also found out when i rang Orange about the problem, that my BB HADN'T been added on 2 my insurance policy along with my daughters i phone,which I also have insured with them! So, if u can PLS think of ANYTHING ELSE I could try, so I'm able 2 fix my phone,then I'd be VERY grateful if u would let me know! Do u know if there are ANY Reboots, Wipes or ways of finding out, if I can tell if its a virus that's caused it or would just restoring the factory settings, get it working again? I'm NOT a Techno lady,but I AM Desperate 2 get my BB working Properly again,as I STILL have 11 MONTHS to pay off on my contract!!! :'( Anyway, Many Many Thanks again for your advice, as it was kind of u 2 share your knowledge with me & help me find a solution! Take Care & Happy New Year! Nikki x
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    01-07-13 04:47 PM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Thanks Nikki, and happy new year to you too!

    While I doubt the OS will make any difference, we could try for craps and giggles. What are you on now? Wiping is useless, so don't bother with that.

    The batteries have an internal circuit board, so doubtful they both got cooked from the charger, but ya never know. I'd get an outlet charger like I said first, and see if they fully charge, then if they work fine in the phone after. Whatever you do, don't use that car charger till we figure this out.
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    01-07-13 05:23 PM
  5. DocDRM's Avatar
    Nikki - BBW, hasn't happened to me on my 9900 but on my 9000 a couple of years ago I had a similar issue. There was a loose screw on one corner of the phone guts inside/under the battery door (actually kept working loose and causing the problem multiple times - even came out fully and was rattling around at one point) I finally put a VERY small dab of clear nail polish on the threads as a thread locker.

    I suggest pulling the battery and looking around carefully for any obvious loose screws mounting the back board to the rest of the phone. I assumed in my case it was a grounding issue that used that screw to hold the back panel in tight to complete a circuit.

    Good luck!
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    01-07-13 05:47 PM
  6. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Thanks Doc. Certainly another possibility.
    01-07-13 06:10 PM
  7. Gees97's Avatar
    Thanks Doc. Certainly another possibility.
    FYI: Blue fonts are nearly imposible to read on a blackberry screen without copying the text to highlight it
    01-10-13 08:31 AM

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