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    Hello all,
    Was wondering if any of you have had any issue playing any games via the Blackberry and or Playbook from the internet? The game in question for me is Warflow, linked via Facebook. It is actually played under Dovogames rather than a standard Facebook App.

    Anywho, for a background I am currently on an Offshore Drilling Rig and using the BB 9900 as a Modem via the Playbook to access the Web. Normal web searches and Facebook, plus any other facebook app works fine.

    The First 3 times I used it to log into Warflow there were no issues at all, albiet a bit slow, but thats to be expected Offshore. 4 days ago, after I select my server, it starts to load the game them the screen freezes as if its getting no more data.

    I did a Forum search and query for the game and was recommended to clear the Caches, which I did, then update the Flash Player. I cannot find an individual flash player file anywhere, but did the usual software updates, and nothing has changed.

    I figured at this point I'd ask the fellow crackberry users of teh world to see if anyone else has had this issue and knows how to fix it, or any suggestions at all would be most appreciated. Keep in mind this is my first BB, and I love it, will never go back. Just having difficulties figuring out this present issue.

    Thanks much in advance for any help in this matter.
    01-10-12 10:07 AM
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    I'm guessing by the lack of responses that no one can help. Thanks anyway.
    01-11-12 03:29 AM
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    01-12-12 05:03 AM