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    I've been getting an error all day today since i used my media card to store a movie (i put it in USB drive mode) and it said i had to repair the card and then the repair was failing.

    now, i've managed to get some of the music back onto the BB and it keeps disappearing everytime i plug the phone in then unplug it. im baffled! it doesn't matter which mode i put the phone in (charge only, media sync or usb drive) it keeps doing the same!

    I've finally resorted to a battery pull, in hope!

    Could anyone help me find a solution to fixing this please?

    also - nothing appearing after the reboot, just a green bar on the bottom of the screen on music window. i've loved the BB up until now, but this is really not good

    and if it helps: i've been using wifi sync


    EDIT: one more thing - i've looked on the memory status thing, and it is showing almost 1gb of music on the card, so the phone isnt picking up the music!
    03-12-12 03:17 PM
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    just an update: i now have things showing up on my music player, but under the artists, it says 0 albums, although there are albums!

    anyone who helps deserves a medal thanks!
    03-12-12 03:23 PM
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    I had exactly the same issue.

    First - 'repair' the card when prompted (even though there is probably nothing wrong with it). Once the card is 'fixed' it will take some time for the phone to re-index the media. I was using a 16GB class 4 card when I had this issue and it would take as long as an hour to re-find all my music and pictures, and to organize them into albums/playlists, etc. This would also occur any time I re-booted the device.

    I eventually upgraded to a 32GB Class 10 card and it made a big difference. The phone still takes a while to find all my media but it's more like 10 minutes than an hour.

    FYI when I had my card plugged directly into my computer there were no issues, all my photos and music where there as expected.

    If you're experiencing the same thing you should see a green bar along the bottom of the media index while it 'thinks' about indexing everything.
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    03-12-12 04:43 PM
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    If the repair option didn't work, I would reformat the memory card. This will delete your files, but most likely this will fix your problem.
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    03-12-12 09:18 PM
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    Before reformating your SD memory card backup your files/contents on your pc/laptop if you don't wanna lose them.
    03-12-12 09:23 PM