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    Here's the story. I plugged my phone into the Desktop Manager for the first time today to cherry pick some languages and apps I wanted removed. The Desktop Manager had an 'upgrade available' for me that I didn't realize until I moved to the next step. It was loading and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

    Once complete, and after getting things the way I liked, I tried opening the App World and received the subject title's error message, including something about "verifying my network connection was working." It was and is.

    I went to Blackberry App World through the browser and the site told me my phone was running an unsupported operating system.

    What do I do here? Is the phone faulty? Do I need to go to a Sprint store tomorrow and raise h-e-double hockey sticks for a replacement 9930? I've been a customer for 36 hours.

    Will Captain Planet teach the world to recycle properly?
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    If everything else is working try deleting appworld off the phone and then reinstalling it.
    10-02-11 01:01 AM