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    So this Is not another thread that is complaining about this problem, I decided to test the various theories that came up in the other test. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, basically on occasion; randomly when answering a phone call by pressing the white call button it answers in speaker mode.

    Theory 1. Phone tries to compensate for a loud static environment by increasing volume so the user thinks its in speaker when really its not.

    Sample test conclusion;
    I did 100 phone calls to my 9900 in a loud environment, the phone answered 4 times in speaker mode with very loud background static noise.
    1. Call #15 - auto answer in speaker
    2. Call #39 - auto answer in speaker
    3. Call #81 - auto answer in speaker
    4. Call #96 - auto answer in speaker

    Theory 2. User is hitting the speaker button againts their cheek accidentally thus activating the speaker and thinking the phone is bugged.

    This theory is invalid because in my cases the phone answered in speaker before it ever reached the users face.

    Theory 3. User is hitting the speaker portion on the screen while hitting the white phone button.

    I made 100 calls all carefully selecting the white call button to answer my call

    Theory 4. Proximity sensor is causing problems

    Not sure how to approach this,

    I then made another 100 calls with no static background noise; results were 3 auto answers in speaker

    1. Call #56
    2. Call #63
    3. Call #89

    If anyone has any ideas please feel free to let me know,

    This happened on both 291 or 296 whichever came on the phone and 353

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    10-05-11 06:19 PM