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    Whilst resyncing my Bold 9900 with Mac Desktop manager and transferring some iTunes playlists, the phone unfortunately powered down (I had forgot to disable the timed power off in the evening!). As a result despite reformatting the SD card on the phone and doing a battery pull, after syncing several playlists to the Bold I noticed quite a number of duplicate albums without artwork or songs on them (on the phone). In addition all my playlists only contain songs without artwork, though they appear to play ok.

    Ideally I would like to start fresh and resync my songs but using something a bit quicker than the Blackberry Mac desktop software. Does anyone know how to clear these annoying duplicates, it's as if there is a hidden database or log file of songs on the phone. How to remove it?

    I noticed there are BBThumbs.dat files in many of the album folders on the memory card of the phone, but I presume these are meant to be there?

    Assuming there is no solution to fixing this can someone tell me to reset the music side of the phone fresh so I can resync without any previous data left behind?

    Would really appreciate some advice as this is driving me mad!

    Thanks ever so,

    09-24-11 10:37 AM