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    I noticed after the BB network went down last week my 9930 has not been the same (signal in and out). For the first few days I could not receive data (all emails and internet down). A phone call to the Verizon rep landed no help. I then noticed I could receive data if I turned on Wifi. This was becoming quite frustrating. Another call to Verizon and I went up to the second tier which had me go into ##000000 and check my data. They noted it was not pushing data and mentioned it was on their end. Now let me remind you, I reside in NY so I figured other Verizon BB owners would be having the same issue but I have not heard of anyone. Has this happened to anyone? Is there a fix? My battery is draining unbelievably fast as it switches from 1X to 3G and I cannot even get a day out of my 9930. I have tried multiple battery pulls, changing settings in the mobile network, nothing seems to resolve this.
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    12-27-11 04:47 PM
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    a typical answer would be to wipe and reload the os
    or even the service books.
    12-28-11 05:51 PM
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    I have noticed a fluctuation in signal since Christmas. Try turning off globle and put it on 1XEV. Option, Network and Connection, Mobile Network, Network Technology. Also dial *228 and choose option one. It will update your phone to the latest PRL (priority roaming list) which helps if there are new towers to look for them first.
    12-28-11 06:15 PM
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    Thanks for the insight. I have kept it on 1XEV from Global and still seeing massive fluctuation in signal. I suppose the last resort is to wipe the OS and start fresh but I truly do not want to go that route if I do not have too. I have even resent the service books.
    12-29-11 09:29 AM