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    Hi everyone, I'm a new bold 9900 user and this is my first time updating my blackberry. I originally had and now updating to using the OTA update from my blackberry. Its been almost 2 hours since updating and my phone is currently at a white screen saying linking java at 14% slowly moving up. Its been atleast 3-4 menus like this saying something else and after it reaches to 100% it just shuts down, opens the phone and back to the white screen loading a different thing from 0-100%. Is my phone bricked or am I just impatient? I'm sort of freaking out and need some reassurance because I don't want my phone to be bricked so early in the contract. Thank you!
    02-02-12 08:02 PM
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    OTA updates take a LONG time usually.

    You just need to wait it out (unless it takes like 10 hours). When I was updating my 9930 OTA it took at least an hour during my back-up at 19%.

    Your phone seems to be doing the right thing. Thats what happened with mine. There are quite a few Java and JVM screens, etc.

    Good luck, and next time if you don't want to wait do the update with DM (Desktop Manager on your PC or Mac).
    02-02-12 08:04 PM
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    Some of them can take a while to sort out, and let it proceed as it does. My last one I ran while I slept, it was taking so long.

    The OTA strips out old code and inserts replacement cods to build the updated OS. So don't panic, a lot of us know the feeling and need CrackBerry rehab.
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    02-02-12 08:07 PM
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    Would desktop manager be substantially faster if I did that? Thanks for reassuring me though, I was beginning to freak out or pull the battery because it kept going in loops and loops. Its gone from loading java to linking java to doing all sorts of stuff. Also, is it okay to keep the phone plugged in charging?
    02-02-12 08:08 PM
  5. luyb's Avatar
    would vary, but desktop would be faster, but since you are still updating it.
    i would leave it and it would be okaay for the phone to be plugged in the charge.
    02-02-12 08:10 PM
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    Does anyone also know if 585 solves the icon issue (261 I can't move or hide some of the installed icons) and I heard that the trackpad fading 30 seconds after the keyboard is gone?
    02-02-12 08:13 PM
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    I *advise* you to be plugged in for an OTA, you don't wanna lose power in the middle of an update.

    Occasionally, you could see a step repeat, and this means that something didn't take the first time and it will back up and restart that phase of the loading operation. I've had it happen twice.
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    02-02-12 08:16 PM
  8. luyb's Avatar
    in .585 you can move or hide the installed icons, and the trackpad fading is there in .585.
    but it has that battery drop issue 99+ to 92 etc.
    02-02-12 08:17 PM
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    So I've tried the .585 update and I did find the issue about the 100%-92% very annoying. I unplug at 8 o clock and by 2 pm I am down from 100% to 30% which is a significant decrease from .261 which lasted from 8 till 11pm. I'm downgrading using desktop manager back to .261 but I seem to be having a little trouble. Theres 4 stages: backup, install, reboot, and restore. I seem to be stuck on Install Connecting to Boot Rom for around 10-20 minutes now. Is this normal? And when I open my phone, it is still useable. Am I doing everything correctly or do I have to be patient?
    02-04-12 02:52 PM