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    Used to use this all the time on my Tour to send pictures to a photo kiosk at a store. On OS 5, you just had to make sure under Bluetooth options that you had serial port > data transfer checked in. Then once paired to the Bluetooth kiosk, I could select a photo, hit the BlackBerry key, and there was an option in the lower part of the menu that said "Send via Bluetooth". This was a separate option within the menu, NOT part of the normal "Send" options (ie. Send > Email, Send > To Facebook... etc.).

    So I searched posts here, search the BlackBerry site, and hunted forever in OS 7 and not had any luck. I do have serial port-data transfer enabled. I can pair to the kiosk, easily. So when I open a picture and select the BB key there quite simply is no "Send via Bluetooth" option any more. Nor can I find any other way on the device (a 9930 to do this).

    Someone posted about sending from the kiosk to the phone. But kiosks cannot send typically; they only listen and receive.

    Anyone doing this?

    12-30-11 07:05 PM