1. Humga Chan's Avatar
    Just curious if anyone else is having this problem where certain option screens aren't showing up on 7.1? I've reloaded the OS and the issue is still here

    More specifically, the 'software version' screen, and the options screen where u set how long you want your emails to be saved for on your device?

    When I click on it, it pops up for half a second then shuts down itself!

    I've looked through the 7.1 leaked thread and no one else seems to have this issue
    01-18-12 07:02 AM
  2. Scr_ooge's Avatar

    I have several 9930 on OS with this issue.

    They are unable to open any Options or its sub menu.

    They are getting the error message
    "Class 'net.rim.device.apps.internal.timezone.TimeZoneDat aLocalizerImpl' not found or "Unable to open Options menu."

    They have no issue to get mails, sms, make/get calls, etc.

    We already tried reloading the OS and hardresets, no joy.
    Only a downgrade helps...

    Any other ideas?
    02-14-12 01:41 AM
  3. starchit's Avatar
    This was an issue with the 9780 after upgrading the OS. Turned out to be 3rd party themes were causing this. Had to go back to the default theme to get the Options Menu to work. So, if you are using a different theme, try activating the default one and see if that works.
    02-14-12 10:17 AM
  4. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    Agree with starchit. Had this issue as well with my 9670 and it was a 3rd party theme. Once I went back to the default theme, the issue disappeared.
    02-14-12 11:55 AM