1. Iag48st's Avatar
    So I tried accessing my college Blackboard site to download a syllabus and the native browser was horrible! It would not scroll properly and when I clicked the link of the syllabus it gave a black window with a "play" icon and volume meter, as if it was going to play a video.

    Anyway, I installed Opera mini and when it loaded the main screen had distorted icons (facebook, Accuweather etc.). I also could not navigate the menu bar with the cursor. It would not travel below the border of the menu bar. Call me crazy but I prefer using the trackpad over the touch screen.

    I have tried re-installing too many times to remember. Any suggestions?
    09-14-11 12:56 AM
  2. sam_b77's Avatar
    Oper mini works fine for me. And its much better than the stock browser.
    09-14-11 01:35 AM
  3. Iag48st's Avatar
    Sam can you help me out? I downloaded my copy from m.opera.com. Is that where you downloaded yours from? I'm on tmobile .250.
    09-14-11 01:38 AM
  4. Iag48st's Avatar
    Here's a pic with the distortion...
    09-14-11 03:03 AM
  5. Iag48st's Avatar
    Oops! Wrong photo.
    09-14-11 03:06 AM
  6. mobibiz's Avatar
    Yea, that's the website. Apparently there's some issue in your device's OS, now we can either try a lot of troubleshooting or you can go ahead backup what's important to you and wipe the device before the Opera installation.
    09-14-11 03:25 AM
  7. 36thDisciple's Avatar
    Opera Mini does not work for me. My 9900 runs .296 and whenever I have tried to dl OM and click on its icon it says installing and stays that way for several minutes until it comes up with an error message.
    09-14-11 04:12 AM
  8. will1881's Avatar
    Oops! Wrong photo.
    I had that same thing too. So i uninstalled it. Then a week later, i re-installed it again for the fun of it and it worked with no distortion. Not sure what I did, but there is a solution.
    Just to confirm, this is the link i used: http://m.opera.com/next/
    09-14-11 09:25 AM
  9. Iag48st's Avatar
    Unistalled twice and same thing. Try to remember what you did different.
    09-14-11 12:45 PM
  10. will1881's Avatar
    think i remember now, by any chance are you on .296? I think it's when i went to .353 that it was fine.
    09-14-11 04:50 PM
  11. Iag48st's Avatar
    I'm on .250 but I have a Mac and can't install new version.
    09-14-11 05:02 PM
  12. will1881's Avatar
    have you tried clearing the web page icons and re-adding them ?
    That worked for me also, no more blurry icon previews
    09-18-11 06:57 PM
  13. ignites's Avatar
    i had the same blurry icons as well. I have no idea why - the stock browser isnt as terrible as they use to be so im kinda fine with it for now so i never went and fixed it
    09-18-11 11:53 PM
  14. Iag48st's Avatar
    I was able to delete the icons and add my own which look normal. However, I am still not able to scroll to the bottom menu and hit the arrows nor the Opera logo. The only way to navigate the bottom menu is by touching the screen. I don't really like touching the screen for menus.
    09-19-11 12:05 AM
  15. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    I also had a problem a fter installing the Opera Mini but day after it just started to work, don't remember what make it work but i did made a few updates and installed a few apps on the device before that.
    09-19-11 02:44 AM