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    Rcently upgraded from a curve 8900 to a bold 9900. Great upgrade, only problem is that from my university e-mail account I am receiving approximately half of the e-mails from my university e-mail on my blackberry device.

    Although my university states that their e-mail client is not supported by blackberry, although I never had a problem with my old curve, and it never struggled with the setup.

    My hotmail account is working just fine, which implies it is a specific problem to my university e-mail address, (but it is not specific enough to stop all the e-mails coming through!).

    Vodafone stated that hotmail is working, then it is not their problem - being as obviously the general systems are up and running.

    So far I have:
    o hard reboot
    o re-sent service books
    o deleted and re-installed university e-mail
    o re-registered with my carrier

    Any ideas?
    09-29-11 07:16 AM
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    Just a quick idea: I would first check the firewall settings in your Blackberry. Maybe there is a rule there causing the emails behave this way?

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    09-29-11 07:42 AM
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    PiotrJot, thanks for the reply: but my firewall is not enabled, and no incoming e-mails have been blocked, when I look at the firewall status...
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    09-29-11 07:54 AM