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    I received my new Bold 9900 today but wanted to wait a few days to activate it so auto pay would sync with my deposited check each month. I installed my SIM card from my Samsung slider phone to try to see how it worked. When I tried to download my contacts into my computer using Desktop Manager from BB don't know if it did.
    Do I need the new SIM card activated to have Desktop Manager upload the contact list to the new card?

    Anyone try this before? I'm not savy with computers or smartphones.
    03-06-12 05:24 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    BlackBerrys do not keep contacts on the sim, so this might be the issue.
    it keeps the contacts in its memory.

    Did the contacts show up in your blackberry when the sim was inserted?

    if they didnt, you might have to go in to the sim card settings, and change it
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    03-06-12 06:09 PM
  3. Katmandoitall's Avatar
    A friend described that as IMPORTING does that sound right?

    I will try to do that with the phone. I had put the card back into my old phone to get a few messages out.

    Thank you for the suggestions.
    03-06-12 06:43 PM
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    Great followed your suggestion and it worked easily. Now, I have to figure how to INITIATE a text message. So far when I go to TEXT icon it only lets me reply to incoming texts. Learning curve is getting less steep....

    Thank you for the help.
    03-06-12 07:10 PM
  5. nd1983's Avatar
    Select the bb button to the left of the scroll pad and select compose a text.
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    03-06-12 07:50 PM
  6. chautime's Avatar
    Another thing to consider is that you need a new sim card if you are moving to 4G. That's what my store told me.
    03-06-12 11:42 PM
  7. LordCrankypants's Avatar
    No you don't. I have full access to the H+(4G) network with my SIM card that I've been using since I got my first cell phone about seven years ago.

    03-07-12 08:01 AM
  8. chautime's Avatar
    Wonder why they said that I needed a new sim card then. It's not like they charged me more. Oh well, whatever.
    03-07-12 09:37 PM