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    My device is 9900, everything is just normal since a bought it, but today after reboot the device a facebook notification keeps showing on the screen. dont know how to delete it or deal with it, it's realling annoying. Do you guys have any ideas?
    10-26-11 04:37 PM
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    go to the facebook app.. it could be a notification from facebook when you installed the app, or a notification that you didn't see before.. if your messages are combined, go to your messages folder and hit "u" and it will take you to the oldest "unread" message, so if it's in there it will take you straight to it. if that doesn't work, i would suggest deleting and reinstalling the app..

    i actually have a hard time getting my notifications to come in on time. i'm sure it has to do with my carrier, but i will get a notification and it will be 10 messages previous to the ones i've sent/received. i.e. i will get a message at 5:04pm that was sent from someone at 4:49pm and therefore it places itself in the messages according to time.. weird, but i deal..
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    10-26-11 05:23 PM