11-17-12 09:56 PM
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  1. nd1983's Avatar
    well i'm rolling back to .714 i found the battery dies fast on this OS compaired to .714 and thats with even less use the normal. i'm maybe getting 18hours out of a charge of light use.
    11-16-12 02:03 PM
  2. sonic7777's Avatar
    I just finished installing this and I have the option for 2G, 3G/HSPA&2G or 3G or 3G. Depends on your carrier. One thing I did notice is
    ensure your antivirus is shut off during the update. (Last time I didnt turn off my antivirus and I had some problems. Now it works fine. It did take a long time to update. As well, make sure you remove the vendor.xml file before installing and there arent any problems. The phone is quite fast and plays music, I tried a few movies and that seems fine as well. Battery life is better than the previous releases. Battery saver is really good. I have mine set for all the time.
    11-17-12 09:56 PM
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