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    I thought today my luck with an unbricked 9900 was up! 2 hours after I'd last used it I find it was really hot and dead! (the battery had been over half full previously!) A battery pull resulted in the LED lighting up then going off then minutes later on and off again and so on. Connecting to the charger did nothing, connecting to the laptop resulted in constant connected and disconnected sounds from the laptop, but it wasn't remaining connected long enough for the AppLoader to connect to it, I tried around 100 times or more, nothing. Twice I got a picture of the battery to appear on the phone with a lightning bolt but this would only last seconds before disappearing and the same light on then off would continue. I was on the phone to a friend (using trusty old 9300!) and just about coming to the end of trying to reload the OS when I pulled the USB out while the AppLoader was trying to connect to ARM, this for some reason made the AppLoader go to the next step... I was able to load the OS, but the phone wasn't connected, I quickly connected it and pressed next, got an error but after clicking retry it worked! Got another error mid way through when the device tried to initialize, waited a few seconds clicked retry again and it worked. The phone then came on with the 507 reload software error, but the AppLoader carried on reloading and suddenlty my 9900 was back! I'm letting it charge to full before I take out the battery to put my SIM back in. I just find it odd that it had become overheated, battery was fully drained and wouldn't charge from the wall, must have been nuked!

    Really just wanted to say to anyone doubting you can restore a nuke, however unlikely it seems keep trying!
    01-13-12 08:41 AM