1. hardcastle's Avatar
    It's happened twice now when plugging my bold 9900 into charge via USB.

    Rather than getting the flashing lightning bolt. I get a half black/half grey battery with a weird 3 shaped coil on it.

    This only seems to happen sporadically when charging via USB and selecting ' Charge only' Anyone know what it is / Means ?
    11-15-11 05:05 AM
  2. lke1's Avatar
    It means that you phone is going to brick itself.

    It is a joke I really don't know what is that, but beware because this phones brick in the night, they don't like the night.
    11-15-11 05:11 AM
  3. hardcastle's Avatar
    Yeah, Im aware of that.

    It seems far too common going off the results on here so as a consequence I always make sure its fully charged before bed! ( ******* ridiculous that I have to do that, MASSIVE hardware/software failure on RIMS behalf)

    By the by, is it possible to fix that jvm crash/boot loop thingy at home or is the only way to resolve it by sending it off/receiving a replacement handset?
    11-15-11 05:14 AM
  4. hardcastle's Avatar
    I think its the cable. It's a cheap 3rd-party one but it doesn't charge the phone at all, I've been trying to charge it the past 30 mins and after initially showing a lightning bolt it will ALWAYS revert to the plug in battery sign or coil in battery sign.

    Now I know the plug means its fully charged, however its not its this case but still have no idea what the coil means.

    Im hoping its the cable anyway, Really dont want it to be the battery.

    I came back to BB as I was tired of having to charge my iPhone, if the user experience with faults and such doesnt increase quite drastically in the next few months I think I'll have to jump ship.
    11-15-11 05:37 AM
  5. hardcastle's Avatar
    Well its either the mac or the charging cable,as its working fine on my windows 7 laptop at home.

    Do drivers install on the mac or would I need to have downloaded something ( as I didnt )

    Panic over
    11-15-11 12:53 PM
  6. mssca's Avatar
    On some OS 7 versions, you get this when you plug it to a computer using a USB cable. It is happening on my Bold 9900. This is normal because it indicate that the phone is charging and also can be used to access as a USB media storage unit.
    11-15-11 01:58 PM
  7. cbbrndwd's Avatar
    Talked to RIM today about another matter, they are aware of this issue. Seems some 9900's, if the battery is allowed to drain all the way down, will not charge w/o a battery pull. Software update coming.

    Hello Brian,

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    Article Title: Wi-Fi music sync installation and setup with BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.0 for Mac

    Article Number: KB24663

    Link: KB24663-Wi-Fi music sync installation and setup with BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.0 for Mac

    ************************************************** ********************************

    Article Title: BlackBerry smartphone does not power on or charge when the battery has been completely drained

    Article Number: KB28408

    Link: KB28408-BlackBerry smartphone does not power on or charge when the battery has been completely drained

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    11-15-11 04:34 PM