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    Hello everyone, firstly i would like to say i have learned a lot from everyone on here. This is a great forum. Secondly, i recently purchased my first ever blackberry. it is a bold 9900. I currently live in Korea and my carrier is SK telecom.

    My question concerns upgrades. Now, i have never had to upgrade my own phone before so these are new waters for me. I feel confident enough to do it, i just don't know when.

    My current settings are 7.0 bundle 1672 (v7.0.0.353, platform 5.0.0544

    honestly, i have no clue what the **** all this means.

    My questions: how do i know i have to upgrade?
    is my current software the latest?
    how do i know which is more recent? i mean, do i just look at the numbers such as the ones above and find the highest value and that means it is the latest?

    seriously, as you know i am lost regarding all this jargon. forgive my dumbness.

    11-24-11 12:19 AM
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    First of all, congratulations on your new BB & welcome.

    Here is the latest official OS. Instructions on how to install can be found there as well.


    *Do a back up first before upgrading.
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    11-24-11 12:34 AM
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    turkcell?? is that compatible with my phone even though i am signed up with sk telecom?

    thank you
    11-24-11 12:38 AM
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    yes, it will work
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    11-24-11 12:40 AM
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    thanks a lot for your help guys,

    11-24-11 12:42 AM