1. admorris#AC's Avatar
    I'm having issues with 9930 notifications. It seems that when I set a notification sound for email through profiles, it also effects my text messages as well as I individual notification sounds I've set. Is there a way to just reset all notification sounds and start from scratch?
    02-26-12 02:48 PM
  2. admorris#AC's Avatar
    Let me clarify, as my thread was a little confusing. Is there a way to set up a sound profile for a contact for email, text and phone? It looks to me that setting up a "messages" sound is for both text and email and there is no way to separate the two. Am I right oe is there a hidden setting somewhere that I'm missing?
    02-26-12 05:29 PM
  3. T
    I'm wondering, too. I always thought the "messages" setting in a contact alert was for texts, but seems it might be for emails also. Where I'm getting mixed up is how contact alert message sounds work together with Level 1 message sounds from those contacts. Which one wins on conflict? (I think it's the contact alerts message sound.)
    02-26-12 05:35 PM