09-16-11 07:46 AM
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    Jeezus some people make me wonder. The far right edge of my screen is a fraction of a millimeter higher than the keys! OMG! The horror! I'm taking it back! If your keys are pealing up or something like that of course take it back but for most of the people complaining holy cr@p go back on OCD meds please. I've had Blackberries going all the way back to before they were phones and have never had a build quality issue with any of them. Mine was made in Mexico and it's just fine.

    There is NO possible way the OEM Holster scratched the screen. No thread can scratch glass UNLESS it was contaminated with something by the user. The screen may have had some grit on it before going in the holster also.

    I totally agree in that this is why are TEP premiums are going up, why our deductibles are going up is for OCD people bringing their devices back for ridiculous reasons.
    09-04-11 12:09 AM
  2. mhw100's Avatar
    1. The far right edge of my screen is a fraction of a millimeter higher than the keys!

    2. I totally agree in that this is why are TEP premiums are going up, why our deductibles are going up is for OCD people bringing their devices back for ridiculous reasons.
    1. I don't think ppl are complaining about that. Mine was massively lifted up. The slight variation you see in most cases I doubt most ppl would even notice. Proof - there really isn't a ton of complaints about it or new threads started in CB. If it was a pervasive issue e.g. the double type 9780 then there would be a vociferous level of screaming.

    2. We don't know if this statement is true. It could equally be that the level of QC had gone down as the race to introduce a new device every six months by a manufacturer has gone up. Probably need to talk to an insurance analyst to understand what is in play before generalizing.

    I forget the stats from the texts but generally a very low number of ppl complain unless the product is totally offside i.e. most ppl are oblivious if product simply delivers core functionality. My guess is that RIM customers are not single handedly causing insurance premiums and deductibles to rise.
    09-04-11 12:38 AM
  3. noTh1ng's Avatar
    i have noticed the height difference between keys and screen as well but don't find it disturbing!
    however at the bottom of the device the big black plastic thing where you're carrier is written down is a little higher than the metal bezel that surrounds the device, and i personally find that very annoying!

    would you return your device because of that? you can definitely see and feel a gap! it's a mexico 4 device!
    09-04-11 03:35 AM
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    Trust me mines got nothing to do with OCD ... if you had mine the audible "SCRAPE" "SCRAPE" sound as you use the trackpad will drive you nuts !!!

    Some are probably less "RAISED" per se so would probably be less noticeable.

    I am sure "mhw100" knows exactly what I am talking about ...

    Really? Some people are OCD but this is getting laughable now.

    RIM is changing it's return policies because of OCD's like this.

    I can imagine how many devices go back to RIM and the guys there are just rolling their eyes with laughter. 90% of the time they just need to clean the phone, wipe it and re-ship as a re-furb. BECAUSE there is nothing wrong with it!

    Aren't you guys embarassed bringing these devices back sometimes for issues like this?
    09-05-11 11:42 PM
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    I've owned several different blackberries over the last four years and never had a problem in the quality of their craftmanship. But I recently picked up a Blackberry Bold 9900 and its trackpad was messed up (creaky, loose, sporadically non-responsive). So I swapped it. Unfortunately the 9900 I got for it had a major edge above the menu/power buttons just below the screen. It was very noticeble everytime I used the trackpad. The edge was much worse on the right side - the left side seemed almost flush and fine.

    Not wanting to return my phone a second time and not wanting to be labeled OCD, I tried mashing down on the buttons with my thumbs as hard as I could. And it fixed the problem, sort of. What it did is it minimized that sharp edge on the top of the menu and power button on the right side. But unfortunately, then the call button on the left ended up having almost no give and had to be pushed pretty hard to get it to work. My wife mentioned that even though I mostly fixed it, I shouldn't have had to, and over time it could pop back out. So I returned it.

    The thing is, I've never had a problem with any blackberry before this one. So it's pretty messed up that their $600 flagship model is being sent out with iffy trackpads and/or misaligned edges. It's not OCD to have that misaligned edge bother you because of the amount of use the trackpad gets. You rub your thumb across that area constantly and expect it to be smooth. $600 is a lot of money in today's economy. For some of us, it's like buying a $600,000 house and the front door not shutting properly. Yeah, you could live with it. But that isn't what you paid for.
    09-13-11 09:22 AM
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    That's not OCD that is normal behavior and the message needs to be sent to RIM.

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    09-13-11 10:10 AM
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    Mine is raised too. And it is not acceptable. I can't believe people defending these QC issues. There is nothing wrong sending the phone back for ANY defects, no matter how minor it is. I paid for a perfect phone, I want a perfect phone.
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    09-13-11 10:15 AM
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    Hi All ... Got my replacement this morning AND its as "smooth as a babys bottom"

    To all the detractors banging on about OCD etc. etc. IGNORE them, theres obviously a QC issue and some of us ended up with a less than acceptable unit.

    I for one am happy I got it replaced and more importantly, happy that I got a BB I am proud of.


    Mine feels like I am stroking a Razors edge ...

    Returning it for a replacement (bought online from amazon)

    and if thats no good, am going to ask for my half a grand+ back and wait for the QNX to show its face ...

    Glad I still have my 9700

    09-16-11 06:41 AM
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    Mine started off flush and has raised over time as its been used a lot and relaxed. I thought about sending it back however I couldn't be without it! And don't have a spare phone, so ill live with it! I'm sure ill do worse things after a few in the pub

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    09-16-11 07:46 AM
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