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    Just got the 9900 and have the original BB 9900 charger in my bedroom and that obviously works just fine. Went to travel today and normally in my laptop bag I have one of my old iphone white usb charger adapter (the newer small one, not the big one that came with the original iphone). That iphone usb charger is a 5v 1amp rated charger. I always just plug the USB to microUSB cable in there and its worked fine for all my previous blackberries from Storm2, to Torch 9800 but today was the first time using the 9900 on it and it dont work. Just comes up saying not enough power. Dont know how thats possible when its 1amp versus the original Blackberry one which is 750mah (0.75amp). I can plug it into my laptop and it obviously doesnt complain which technically most USB ports on computers only provide 500mah.

    So I also have a Sprint 4G mobile hotspot that also came with its own microUSB cable and charger, luckily I had that and used that and it worked. Looked on the charger on that and it said it was a 5v 1.2amp. So somewhat confused on how 500mah works (computer), 750mah works (original charger), but 1000mah (1amp) iPhone charger dont work, but then a 1200mah (1.2amp) Sprint USB hotspot charger works.

    Anyone else actually use say a 1000mah charger without issues?

    10-29-11 12:54 PM
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    I may have answered/solved my own issue. Asked my wife to let me borrow her iphone charger (she brought hers too luckily, same one for her iPhone4) and it works on that one. So...... I guess I got a bad iPhone charger or its barely providing more than 500mah, odd cause I used it up until last week to charge my Torch 9800 and no issues, maybe the Torch 9800 has more tolerance for lower mah chargers then the new Bold 9900.

    Guess its time to replace it with the nice BB cube charger that it came with (get anothing one for travelling).

    10-29-11 01:07 PM