1. SkyChimp's Avatar
    I just bought the 9930 Bold Yesterday and signed into My Apps on Blackberry. When I clicked on My World I installed the Nobex premium radio app again. This app worked great on my BB Tour but now that it's installed on the Bold 9930, the music is skipping ahead like a broken record when streaming. No channel works properly.... they all buffer "ahead" in the song. It's most annoying and like always, you cant get a telephone number to Nobex for support, nor do they ever respond on emails. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions???
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    01-16-12 09:49 AM
  2. timd28's Avatar
    Have you tried uninstalling the app and reloading it? It works fine on my 9900.
    01-16-12 01:42 PM
  3. SkyChimp's Avatar
    I uninstalled and reinstalled three times. It worked perfect on my BB Tour, but it does as I described above on this new Bold 9930. I'm most disappointed.... I was hoping someone had some information on perhaps my connection settings, trusted certificates, or something........ I use this more than anything during the day and of course I can't get Nobex on the phone. They have no telephone number for client relations.
    01-16-12 02:02 PM