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    gosh...when gmail app was to be put into to grave by google i was still ok. I feared google sync would follow suit...and true enough it's going to happen in june!

    I couldn't solve contacts duplication issue with google contacts using BIS to sync, I had to use google sync app to make syncing work correctly without duplicates. But that was when i was having OS6 device...and i thought maybe now OS7 would've solved the issue already but after some tries it looks like duplication still occurs.

    How do you guys make contacts not duplicate??? Firstly, I only have google contacts, no other contacts from the pc. I don't even use pc to sync, I MUST use google contacts.

    The problem is that when i first created an email acc on the device, it would correctly sync a list of google contacts onto the phone as my "xxxx@gmail.com" under contacts. After a few hours, another "Default" contacts would appear. The craziest thing is these two are treated differently by blackberry even though they have the EXAct same information. My "allow duplicate names" is not checked also.

    I think the allow duplicate names is only meant for each contact list, not cross contact list. Now, i also tried removing "Default" contact list, but eventually, it will come back again. How do i solve this???????????

    Btw, i have facebook, and i need facebook to sync with the contact's pictures. So i ened to sync them together. The "Default" list does not have facebook pictures.
    04-22-12 12:30 AM
  2. morrsn's Avatar
    I had that happen once when i dumped google sync for bis sync. I just deleted my email account and all the contacts on the phone then I added the account back and synced and it's been great so far
    04-22-12 01:24 AM
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    I had this prob w duplicate calendar entries. Similarly, just deleted e account n started from scratch.
    04-22-12 04:50 AM
  4. adrive's Avatar
    but i did delete the account. Do you guys use the facebook app at all? i'm not sure if that's the cause of it.

    you mean you don't get a 'Default' phone list under 'Contact List' besides your gmail add phone list?
    04-22-12 05:14 AM
  5. wordy's Avatar
    Does anyone know if you can download Google Sync?

    I'd really like to have a copy around for when they stop offering it for download.

    Thanks in advance
    04-22-12 11:45 AM
  6. adrive's Avatar
    The problem is that google sync will no longer be updated. There might be compatibility issues down the road even though we might still be able to download it and locally backup the jar file.

    I hate this.. Syncing with google contacts was my last requirement..this is such a simple thing and yet I don't know why it isn't solved after so long. I'm gonna pull my hair out in frustration and go back to my nexus one for a while
    04-22-12 11:33 PM
  7. mrrsquared79's Avatar
    It seems it is duplicating everything because you have the Gmail email account contacts AND Facebook contacts. Learn to survive without the pictures, you will be fine!
    04-23-12 01:49 AM
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    Maybe if you guys used the email setup program to have any or all of your email accounts sync with your contacts. Google Sync has been obsolete for quite some time. Also if you USE BLACKBERRY PROTECT to back up your contacts on a daily or weekly basis than all of this might be moot.

    There are advantages to exploring the settings on your device, see what I'm say'in?

    Setup/Email Accounts ~ Edit the options in your desired email account.

    Using Google Sync will cause duplicates since the phone is capable of contact sync on its own.

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    04-23-12 11:09 AM
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    Just like oldblueyez said. DO NOT USE the Google sync app. That's what causes the problem with duplication's.

    I have 2 Gmail accounts, one personal and one for work and sync both contacts and calendar to my 9900 without any issues. Additionally I use Sync2 for keep both Gmail accounts synced to my Outlook.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you want to setup your contacts in Gmail with the Gmail format and everything will be perfect.
    04-23-12 11:57 AM
  10. dmatthew's Avatar
    Does anyone know when the syncing occurs? Is it in real time or no?

    I just added a contact onto my BlackBerry Bold 9900 (OS 7.1) but it did not add it to my Gmail contact list when I checked a few hours later.

    Or does the sync only work one way (Gmail to BlackBerry)?

    04-26-12 01:22 AM
  11. calpauly's Avatar
    Well, I just changed phones from a BB Tour to BB Bold and love it- I can't say enough great things about it. But while I love the phone- dealing with this issue with duplicating contacts is a nightmare!! For I have about 700 contacts who I must regularly keep up with. But that list went from 700 to 3,000 contacts this weekend, so I had to spend the better part of Saturday correcting (most of) these duplicates to get it down to 1,100 contacts. But then, this morning (Monday) as I was expecting to correct the remaining duplicates, the contacts list is now at the staggering amount of 22,000! Now some of my contacts are repeated over 150 times (with no rhyme or reason to why some and not others). And making matters much worse, some of the duplicates pulled phone numbers and email addresses from other contacts, so "merging" them is not viable since some of the contacts are compromised.

    It appears to be the Google Synch App. And since it was not allowing me to stop it from synching I had to forcibly delete it. But now I am still left with this daunting task of correcting my contacts list- and deleting and just starting over, like some here have recommend, is not viable. Btw, that is not a "fix" solution, that's an "overhaul" solution.

    So yes, this is how I spend Saturday and what I get greeted with Monday morning. Personally, I don't see how RIM (or Google) can allow this to happen since our Contacts are easily the most important feature on the phone- after the phone feature. There should be safeguards to prevent this from occurring. For instance, here's an idea for the RIM suggestion box: how about add a feature that stops duplicates before they even start- or, just set a limit... say like, 20? or so... for 150 duplicates is plain stupid!

    And so yes, now I am now looking for my latest saved info on my PC. But this will be unfortunate since my remote email was (until this day) my regular backup location.
    08-06-12 10:53 AM
  12. lcohen999's Avatar
    Go to contacts, options and uncheck allow duplicate contacts

    Let everything sync, use duplicate checker in gmail and clean it up.

    It will then resync and your good.

    GoogleSync will create more problems than it will solve
    08-06-12 11:01 AM
  13. olblueyez's Avatar
    Your phone has "Google Syncing Abilities" built into the email setup program. If You install Google Sync, than you have created the problem.

    Also, anything like "AT&T Address Book" will cause this.

    You can use BBSAK to remove the att app. Search and you can find out what files to remove. I recommend doing this after a fresh OS install and before you setup anything using the setup program. Once that app has been accessed or used, there is no stopping it. Just get rid of it before it ever gets used.

    Also, you need to keep your contacts in "One Place" or you will have duplicates.

    I would recommend BlackBerry Protect, however, if you choose to use Google than only use Google.
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    08-09-12 04:10 AM
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    I posted this question elsewhere and am posting it here for additional exposure for some help or answers or solutions:

    I updated a contact(entered their home address) in gmail on my computer yesterday. Today I still have yet to see this update on my 9930(the updated home address does not show up under this persons contact info on my 9930).

    Next is there a difference if an email address is added via sprint.blackberry.com versus adding it on the 9930 itself. The reason I ask is when I am on the sprint.blackberry.com website under my gmail account, it states the following:

    If you have not already done so, to start calendar and contact synchronization, complete the security activation on your BlackBerry device:
    1. On the Home screen, click the Setup icon and click Email Accounts or Email Settings.
    2. After you open the application, the security activation starts. When security activation is complete, calendar and contact synchronization automatically begins.

    My calendar seems to sync, with the exception of I can't see my wife's calendar events on my gmail calendar, but that is another question which would deserve a whole other thread...
    08-09-12 05:20 PM
  15. mzman's Avatar

    I have 2 Gmail accounts, one personal and one for work and sync both contacts and calendar to my 9900 without any issues.
    Can you please explain how this is done without Google Sync? I haven't seen that anywhere, and I've been searching!
    08-18-12 11:25 AM
  16. danielcj's Avatar
    I still use Google sync app and here is why. I don't sync contacts but need it to sync multiple caledars (work, family, etc) that are tied to one gmail account. The BB google sync will not do multiple calendars. It will only sync the primary calendar of your gmail acct. Just look at the Playbook, you have to do a workaround to get the native calendar app to let you sync multiple calendars. BB10 is going to be a nightmare..

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    08-19-12 01:55 AM
  17. bobwork5's Avatar
    I created a new gmail account, used setup to add to my blackberry and selected contact under the sync option. Email account shows up fine but no syncing has occurred. Can I invoke sync? Or does it occur every 1 hr for example?
    12-29-12 12:54 AM