1. MagicalVacation's Avatar

    Today I finally upgraded from my trusty Bold 9000 to a brand new 9900, I downloaded the latest official software from the sticky at the top of the forum.

    I've noticed that my FB app is not sending me push notifications, it only fetches them when I open the app and it starts loading my feed.

    Why is this? I have successfully switched my device and I am connected to the BIS server. I am getting my emails and I'm able to do everything else on my Blackberry. I have also resent all the service books. The email address tied to my BIS subscription is the same one I use to log into my FB account.

    Do I have to switch something on, or is this a bug. If so, I'm quite disappointed...


    Thank you.
    01-22-12 04:38 PM
  2. SC457's Avatar
    They're just delayed a bit on the newer devices for some reason. It's been a month or two but there is suppose to be a bigger update for the app sometime soon that will hopefully fix that.
    01-22-12 04:43 PM
  3. MagicalVacation's Avatar
    I don't know if 'delayed' is the right term.

    I don't seem to get them at all, unless I open the app and refresh it.

    I hope this is going to fix itself somehow. That's one expensive phone not to be working properly.

    Thanks for the info anyways.
    01-22-12 04:48 PM
  4. SC457's Avatar
    Check your settings then, you should definitely get then it's just not as instant as it was on the 9000.
    01-22-12 04:54 PM
  5. MagicalVacation's Avatar
    Could someone tell me which settings I 'should' check? I have checked the box in the options where it says 'Facebook Notifications' I don't think there's anything else, is there?
    01-22-12 05:04 PM
  6. SC457's Avatar
    Try checking the message application in options and then do a battery pull to see if that works.
    01-22-12 05:11 PM
  7. MagicalVacation's Avatar
    I've been patient a few days now and the problem seems to be resolving itself, notifications are starting to show up without FB being manually refreshed. I hope to see improvements in speed in future updates.
    01-25-12 07:07 AM
  8. Nashstruck's Avatar
    go to the Facebook app and go to options. under feed refresh, select the timing that you'd like for a auto-feed refresh. i set mine on once in 3 hours to save battery.
    01-25-12 07:39 AM