1. gjoseph14's Avatar
    So yesterday I was listening to music on my 9900 when I noticed it started skipping tracks on its own. Then a few minutes later, it stopped playing music thru my headset. I thought nothing of it, but then I came home, tried different headsets and battery pulls and I realise my 9900 no longer plays audio thru my headset anymore. No music, no calls. I didn't drop the phone, install any apps recently nor did it get wet. It just started happening all of a sudden. Anyone have a fix to this?

    03-02-12 08:35 AM
  2. buellrunner's Avatar
    Wipe, reload os and apps and see if that fixes. If not then take it in to be fixed.
    03-02-12 08:54 AM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    Reboot or batt pull, see if that helps.
    03-02-12 09:49 AM
  4. gjoseph14's Avatar
    Miraculously it sorted itself out without me doing anything. However I noticed bbsak doesn't seem to recognize my phone when it's connected. If I'm quick enough and press "usb drive" on my device and "connect" on bbsak at the same time it recognizes it for about a second then disconnects. All this while DM see's my phone just fine.
    03-02-12 01:17 PM